Massage & Bodywork

In your session, we will start by talking about your concerns and areas you want me to focus on. I really listen to my clients, so that your session is individualized to meet your needs. I draw from different modalities and strong intuition combined with my finely tuned tactile sense to home in on your tension spots. By doing so, you can release that tension, stress, and pain, and achieve a more relaxed and balanced state of mind, body, and spirit .

I have been providing massage for over 30 years with consistently achieved results, with many loyal clients. My clients tell me that I am among the best they have worked with.

While I certainly see people for one time or an occasional session, I am at my best when we get to know each other, and work with you regularly to deepen the therapeutic relationship that comes from establishing trust and connection. In addition to massages for individuals, I offer couples massage classes online, and on-site chair massage.  Learn more about the different modalities I draw from.

Other services and classes I offer are designed to decrease tension and stress as well. They include Journey into Deep Relaxation, and also Mindfulness and Meditation sessions.  Check out our online classes to learn more.

In studio and house call appointments are available in Boston.  Contact me to schedule your appointment.

You can also book appointments Wednesday through Friday through my online booking page at Wellness in Motion Boston (WIMB), located in Boston at 283 Newbury St., 2nd floor.

Gift certificates are available for all my services and for all occasions (birthdays, anniversaries, etc.)

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My massage and bodywork can help you with: 

  • Deep Relaxation 
  • Stress Reduction
  • Relief from Emotional Stress, Anxiety, and Worry
  • Cultivating Mindfulness, Balance, and Greater Peace of Mind
  • Learning Couples Massage and Self-Massage techniques
  • Better Quality of Sleep
  • Relieving Headaches
  • Releasing Muscular Tension and Fatigue
  • Relaxing Tense Shoulders and Tight Back
  • Decreasing Neck Pain and Stiffness
  • Relieving Lower Back Pain
  • Addressing Muscle Injury, Strains, and Achy, Sore Muscles
  • General Increased Well-Being

Pre-pay Massage (in my studio)

Pre-pay Massage House Call


I have had massages from other therapists, but Arnie is quite exceptional. He has a “sixth sense” and seems to truly understand both your physical and emotional needs. He has amazing touch and listening skills, which enables him to respond to your needs with remarkable sensitivity and accuracy. Arnie is extremely passionate about providing the art of relaxation, calmness and spiritual healing. He has a gift that goes beyond imparting excellent physical well-being to instilling a sense of complete contentment and tranquility. Without a doubt, Arnie does have “Golden Hands.”

Amazing. Best massage I've ever had; and I've had my share...Much more than just relaxation and stress relief. I don't know how he does it, I just know it works!!!!

I see Arnie for massage every week in the comfort of my own home. It's wonderful! He brings his table, sets up, and then I know that I am going to have an hour of relaxation and peace — with no phones ringing, no emails to check. Just Arnie kneading out the stress and knots in my neck and shoulders and back and smoothing out the tension of the week. I love the foot massage too. He ends each massage by rubbing his hands together and placing them over my eyes and face. His hands get extremely hot. It feels like I have a hot cloth on my face. It is the most soothing and wonderful way to end a massage.

Before receiving weekly massage treatments from Arnie, I had a weekly massage with four generations of massage therapists over a 14-year period. They were all very good. But I've had the best results with Arnie. He is far and away the most dedicated, diligent, and helpful therapist I've ever had. I'd recommend him to anyone.

...I am a musician who suffered a traumatic injury in which my arm and shoulder were twisted, pulled, and jammed. The pain I had for one year was as if someone had locked my upper quarter into an iron cast that squashed my ribs and shoulder. In addition to the physical pain, I felt as if a gift I had been given at birth, and the craft I have developed my whole life, had been ripped from my body in an instant. For a year I had sought orthopedists, massage therapists and physical therapists within a thirty-mile radius of the Boston area to find relief. My experience of Arnie's massage is as follows: it is as if his sensitive hands coax the trauma, pain, and spasm from my muscles. Arnie's hands seem to have an innate sensitivity and intuitive understanding of what is needed in order to heal. It feels as if the trauma that froze my muscles releases through his hands. I noticed after just three sessions (actually it was apparent after the first), that his massage had released the pain and multiple spasms of this injury in a way I have not otherwise been able to find. Of course this affects my technique at the instrument and my ability to do my work. Equally, the healing I feel affects my posture, my ability to move, to sit in a chair, my comfort in my own body and mind, my ability to sleep, and my appreciation of life. My spirit is lifted. I am writing this testimonial because it is the least I could do to say thank you.

Even more today, two and half weeks later, I'm feeling the profound positive affects from my two massage sessions with you! The anxiety caused by my heart attack four years ago is completely gone. What a gift you have given me! I've had massage all over the world in some of the best places and nothing compares to you.

As a Reiki Master, who's participated in a lot of Reiki sessions, the energy I feel from your hands surpasses anything else I've experienced before. I already feel that my lungs that were damaged from side effects of bypass surgery are greatly improved - I was out sprinting today! The changes in my body are profound, and your Guided Relaxation CD allows me to go right back to my healing place.

Arnie is a very gifted therapist who I've known for years. Beyond giving a very healing massage, he has a wonderful energy about him. I always love seeing him. He is a person who is doing the work he was born to do.

I’ve been seeing Arnie now for 5 years. He has the most amazing hands and they work their MAGIC every time I see him. All the aches and pains rush away along with the stress of my daily life. There are not many things I do for myself in my life but treating myself to his massage is one of them. It’s been a long journey and he has seen me through many ups and downs, but through it all he manages to always have a kind word to say and always relieves the stress from my daily life. I cannot imagine seeing anyone else.