Couples Massage Classes


Couples massage classes

are a fun, unique way to learn massage skills, help each other relax, and build greater intimacy and connection with your partner, spouse, or someone that you're getting to know. In these classes, you will learn massage techniques designed to release knots and tension from your bodies while learning to connect with each other through touch.


In these classes, I share massage techniques, watch you practice, give feedback, and support you in gaining confidence so you can feel more comfortable massaging each other on your own. Each of you will have the opportunity to both give and receive massage. In addition, you get to choose where you want the focus to be. Popular areas include therapeutic massage of the back, neck and shoulders, as well as sports massage for the hips, legs and feet.

I have provided couples massage sessions for many years.  Classes are offered both by Zoom and in person.  While in-person classes allow me to do hands-on teaching, having worked with couples over Zoom for the last few years, this option works surprising well for those who either do not wish to do an in-person class or live in another part of the country or the world! 

Since this is such a personal experience, I want you to feel comfortable. I am always happy to answer questions you may have.  Also, please check out the video above to see a sample of a couples massage session.  I look forward to working with you soon!

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Couples Massage Class


Arnie Katz is caring, careful and an excellent teacher. His virtual couples massage sessions provide a way to learn and de-stress in this time of isolation.

We attended a couples massage session with Arnie at the suggestion of a friend and had a wonderful experience! Arnie took the time to get to know us and what we were looking to achieve and tailored the session to meet our goals. He has a true passion for massage therapy and we both walked away feeling like we not only got a lot out of it, but also had so much fun learning. We can’t wait to start trying this at home!