Mindfulness & Meditation Sessions


Have you ever wanted to learn to practice mindfulness and meditation, yet thought it would be too difficult or complicated for you? Have you been concerned that your mind would be too active to be able to focus and relax, or that you could not sit still for an extended period? Well, now you can learn to become more mindful in a simple way where you will be guided and supported to learn and practice in a way that makes it more accessible for you.


Many people assume that meditation means that your mind is "supposed to be" quiet. That is not necessarily true, and that puts a lot of pressure on yourself to force your mind to slow down. Mindfulness is about present moment awareness. It is about shifting your perspective and relationship to what is happening in the moment through observation rather than reaction. In doing so, we naturally become more calm, clear, and focused.

I have been practicing meditation for over thirty years and have used many different tools and techniques. I know what it is like to have an active mind, and so, I have cultivated a meditation and mindfulness practice that takes me to a place of greater centeredness, calm, and peace, while also giving me tools to be more present and aware.

With Mindfulness and Meditation Sessions, you will come away with greater clarity, focus, and self-awareness. These sessions lead to greater productivity and balance when practiced during your day.

I know I can assist you in simplifying and demystifying what mindfulness and meditation are and to help make it a more personalized and enjoyable practice for you.

Each session is an hour and is now available on-line or in person. In our sessions, we will explore mindfulness and meditation techniques that include:

  • Focusing on the breath.
  • Focusing on being present in the body.
  • Cultivating awareness.
  • Practicing being the observer of one’s mind rather than reacting to it or getting caught up in overthinking, analysis, or obsessing.
  • Cultivating an attitude of kindness, gratitude, curiosity and non-judgement towards oneself and others.

Having an experienced guide can make things a lot easier. Mindfulness and Meditation are skills you can develop to help you become more centered, calm, aware, and relaxed. It is a simple way to support your health and well-being.

Sessions are available one-on-one and also for groups.  Please check out the video above to learn more.

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Mindfulness & Meditation Sessions


Arnie has taught me a variety of meditation and relaxation techniques on-line and in person. His style is experiential with clear guidance, using humor, music and video to keep things light. As a retreat facilitator, Arnie leads by example. He balances both individual and group needs. Being sensitive to people in the moment, he consciously tailors activities to be practical and meaningful. I’m glad Arnie brightens the world with his gifts.