Journey into Deep Relaxation™


We lead very busy lives

Relaxation can be hard to come by during these fast-pace and turbulent times. We are easily distracted by all the tasks, technology, and the challenges and responsibilities of daily life. Most of us aren’t even aware of how unrelaxed and anxious we are until we take the time to stop and slow down. 

In Journey into Deep Relaxation™ you can unplug from the noise in your mind, the tension in your body, and the fast pace of life. Take time to slow yourself down and catch your breath. Using relaxation techniques such as guided imagery and progressive mind/body relaxation, you will be guided on a journey into a very deep state of relaxation and peacefulness. My students tell me how relaxed and calm they become in every class.  Join us to experience a calmer state of mind and enhanced well-being.

Audio Journeys

In addition to taking our classes and relaxation sessions, check out these other ways you can relax, get calm, and de-stress using guided relaxation and positive suggestion recordings we call:

Three Ways to Journey into Deep Relaxation:

Sink into Deep Relaxation on your own terms. Experience a custom session designed for your needs, and at your convenience.

Join one of our ongoing online Journey into Deep Relaxation events. See our Schedule. Held twice a month.


Create a relaxation experience with your friends, work group, or at a corporate event. Build your team by learning to relax and connect together.


Thanks, Arnie, for guiding me into deep relaxation. I really needed to relax. After my scary experience in the hospital, I was afraid to fall asleep again. But after some sessions with you, I sleep like before. Thanks again.

I find Arnie’s classes very relaxing, engaging and inspiring. They provide me with much needed ‘me time” and allow me to delve into my inner self to discover what is going on deep down. Arnie has a relaxed and somewhat hypnotic way about him that is conducive to allowing this to occur natural. I highly recommend his classes and his facilitating of them to anyone.

In many years of experiencing meditation and relaxation classes, I must say that Arnie goes way beyond the best. For me, he is so gentle and unassuming, yet confident in his skills that I absolutely trust him.  He organises and runs the sessions so new people are welcomed and feel part of the group he attracts each week. It is this trust that enables me to relax and completely surrender to him without judgment.  I have been lucky enough to share this experience virtually from the UK in the months of lockdown.  Every Monday’s session is immovable in my diary.  What Arnie is like in person I can only conjecture as to how awesome he must be!

Arnie’s calming voice and screen side manner have gotten me to relax much more effectively than I would be able to on my own. He is able to unleash my imagination in such a way that, after one of his relaxation sessions, I feel that I’ve had an actual experience or been on an actual trip. This is a huge blessing. Thank you, Arnie!

I have been attending Arnie’s sessions for quite some time now. I find his approach to be really kind and gentle, and yet directive in a way that makes you want to go along on the journey. Arnie is extremely giving. I especially get a lot out of his introductions, videos, music and poems he shares which really highlight Arnie’s wish to offer more than just the relaxation itself. The benefit I am getting from these sessions is immense: a safe place to switch off, to connect with me and my body in a way that I am rarely able to do otherwise. It is not always easy for me, but it is always instructive.