Audio Journeys

I have been offering guided relaxation classes and sessions for over thirty years to help people shift into a more relaxed state of mind and well-being. Some people also like to use guided relaxation and positive suggestion audios anytime they want to relax, let go of stress, or to instill a more positive state of mind.

Using the skills that I have cultivated over the years, I have created a series of “Audio Journeys”. In these recordings, using a calm soothing voice, and guided imagery, you are gently guided into a state of relaxation as you focus on the particular theme of that audio journey. People report feeling better, lighter, and more relaxed after each experience. 

Hear a sample of my Guided Sun relaxation journey

(Please do not listen to these recordings if you are driving or engaged in any other activity that requires your full attention.)

The themes explored include:

  • Progressive Relaxation
  • Creating Calm
  • Taking a break during a hectic day
  • Anxiety and Stress Reduction
  • Starting your day in a positive way
  • Cleansing your energy
  • Supporting Grounding and Stability

Available Audio Journeys

Tree & Sun

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Audio 1

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Audio 1

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Arnie is not just a great massage therapist, but he is also highly skilled in the art of relaxation as demonstrated through his guided relaxation recordings. Since listening to his guided relaxation audios, I have become much calmer as a person, for I know that when life becomes too overwhelming, I now have the option to reduce the stress by listening to one of his guided relaxations. During nights when my mind is racing and I have trouble getting to sleep, I've noticed that the easiest way for me to fall asleep is by listening to an audio journey. Arnie's relaxation is both unique and practical because it combines peaceful imagery with muscle relaxation. Overall, this is a helpful tool that would benefit anyone who wants to handle stress in a way that is both healthy and effective.”