Private Group Journey Classes

There are times when your group or team is not getting along as well as they could. An oft overlooked culprit is the tension and stress at home and in the work environment that affect productivity, responsiveness, empathy, and the ability to focus and listen. Rather than pushing through the barriers to force results to happen, a simple and effective solution is to take a break to release anxiety and stress through deep relaxation and mindfulness techniques. Relaxation has been shown to help people think more clearly, and to shift perception and perspective to encourage creative solutions. Plus, it is also highly nurturing to your nervous system, state of mind, and well-being.

In Journey into Deep Relaxation classes, your team is guided through a relaxation process using the following techniques:

  • Guided relaxation
  • Creative visualization and imagery
  • Progressive muscle relaxation
  • Mindfulness skills
  • Centered Breathing practices

The results are greater connection, improved communication, and increased productivity. Many companies and organization also use my classes as part of a wellness program, or as way to show appreciation for a goal being reached or a project being completed.