Energy Healing

Channeling energy and caring through touch have always come naturally to me. The energy healing I practice is a synthesis of bodywork, energy channeling, and breathwork. It works with the physical body, the mind, and with our energetic body. This service helps you to release tension and constrictions, and return to greater harmony, deeper calm, and peace. It is especially helpful when you are going through changes, life transitions, or general anxiety and needing more balance and calm. Sessions are an hour.

Tender Touch with Energy Healing

I created a technique of gentle massage infused with energy channeling that is my signature touch. I call it “Tender Touch”. Our bodies crave and need touch. With Tender Touch, my hands move slowly and consciously along your body. This deliberate slow movement bring nurturing and nourishment, calms your mind, and opens your heart, so that you allow yourself to receive gentleness that is healing to your heart and soul. I infuse this experience with a gentle tenderness that clients find deeply calming and restorative. It is truly an exquisite gift to give yourself.

I began my journey into energy healing over 30 years ago when I started mentoring with a well-respected teacher who comes from a multi-generational lineage. Her background includes energetic healing, breathwork, and other spiritually-oriented modalities designed to bring more balance, perspective, and peace. In addition, I became attuned to Mariel Healing Energy in the mid-90’s (Mariel is a cousin of Reiki).