Relaxation Sessions

I am now offering one-on-one relaxation sessions in person or via Skype to promote well-being and healing. In a session, we can identify what is blocking you from relaxation and offer you tools and techniques for healing to help you to improve the flow and quality of your life.

Techniques include:

I have been offering healing sessions by phone for a number of years now, and now, Skype sessions are available to have more of a face-to-face connection and a visual connection to add another dimension.

Guided Relaxation CD's

Many clients have reported trouble relaxing on their own, trouble with sleeping, and with general anxiety. To address these needs, I have created a Golden Hands Guided Relaxation CD's. These professionally recorded CD's contain two 15-minute selections designed to help you to unwind and to bring yourself to a state of deep relaxation and calm. Many clients say that it helps them to relax and to sleep better. They are available online through Paypal or for purchase at South End Health Associates. They are $15/piece or 2 for only $25, or available to mail out via Paypal below.

In addition, I also can create individually designed sound recordings geared to your specific concerns and areas of growth.

Arnie is not just a great massage therapist, but he is also highly skilled in the art of relaxation as demonstrated through his guided relaxation CD. Since listening to his CD, I have become much calmer as a person for I know that when life becomes too overwhelming, I now have the option to reduce the stress by listening to his CD. During nights when my mind is racing and I have trouble getting to sleep, I've noticed that the easiest way for me to fall asleep is by listening to the CD. Arnie's relaxation is both unique and practical because it combines peaceful imagery with muscle relaxation. Overall, this is a helpful tool that would benefit anyone who wants to handle stress in a way that is both healthy and effective.

-- T. McIvor, Boston, MA

Golden Hands Guideded Relaxation CD Label

Click HERE to listen to an audio sample.

Guided Relaxation CD ($15 + $4 S&H) $19
2 Guided Relaxation CD's (2/$25 + $4 S&H) $29