Arnie's Perspective On Healing

Facilitating and educating people in balancing mind, body, spirit and soul is a passion and a calling of mine.

As human beings, we need balance. Massage, touch, bodywork and energy healing supports that balance, and can serve as an antidote to the high tech lives we are often immersed in. There is simply no substitute for receiving human touch and catching our breath. The human touch connects us to ourselves in a way that technology alone simply cannot.

Our body is our vehicle through life and the container of our thoughts, emotions, and life experiences. Through my massage and healing sessions, I teach and guide people to access their bodies and the body/mind connection in new ways using a combination of touch and breathing to heighten self-awareness and relaxation. Breathing and touch can work together to facilitate your relaxation.

Here’s how it works: Each time we inhale, we are taking in oxygen (life force energy), expanding our rib cage and abdomen, and creating more space inside our bodies, and opening our minds to the possibility of relaxation. Each time we exhale, we are letting go of stress and tension held in the mind and body and allowing the muscles and nervous system to more deeply relax. Touch then helps us focus our awareness on specific areas of our body where we are holding our stress and tensions. We can then use this combination of touch and breathing in a powerful “FUSION” that creates an interface and an opening where the mind and body can deeply let go and be restored to greater balance and peace.

I am honored to do this work and look forward to working with you soon.