Meditation Sessions

Have you ever wanted to learn to meditate yet thought that it would be too difficult for you? Have you been concerned that you can't do it “right” because your mind is too active? Well, now you can learn to meditate in a simple way. I know what it is like to have an active mind and I have cultivated a meditation practice that takes me to a place of centeredness, calm, and peace. I have meditated for thirty years and have used many different tools and techniques to help calm my mind and relax my body. I am also an excellent teacher, and I can assist you to simplify and demystify what meditation is and to help make it a more personalized, relaxing, joyful practice for you.

Each session lasts for an hour. We will explore introductory techniques like focusing on the breath, focusing on the body, and learning how to observe one’s mind rather than simply reacting to it and getting caught up in one's own thinking process.

Having a guide with you to help you learn makes it a lot easier, and this is a skill you can develop and use for a lifetime to help you stay more relaxed, centered and calm.

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The meditation/relaxation class was a gentle, guided, hands-on, way of dropping into myself, clearing the way for my mind to take a rest as I became more aware of my softer side. Arnie was respectful, and tuned into each individual, communicating the expectations clearly. I received more than what I expected.

-- M.S. Marston, Needham, MA

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