Energy Healing

Energy healing and channeling has always come naturally to me. The energy healing that I practice is a synthesis of bodywork, energy channeling and breathwork. It works with the physical body, with the energy field around and within the body, and with our breathing to help open up and release constrictions within the body, the mind, and the energy field. It results in deep calm to the body, mind and spirit, as well as offers an opportunity to release emotional and mental blocks to feeling calm and peaceful again. It is a really good thing for those going through change, transitions, or anxiety in their lives and needing more balance and calm. Typically a session lasts an hour yet extended 90 min. sessions are also available. Rates are the same for energy healing as they are for bodywork: $120/60 min and $160/90 min.

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I also incorporate a technique of gentle massage and energy channeling that is my signature touch — I call Tender Touch. My hands move slowly and consciously, bringing highly nurturing and nourishing touch to the body. This deliberately slow movement calms the mind and opens your heart, so that you are able to open to receive a gentleness that is healing to the heart and soul. It truly is an exquisite gift to give yourself.

I began my journey into energy healing over 30 years ago when I started mentoring with a well respected healer and teacher who comes from a multi-generational lineage of healers. Her background is in energy healing, breathwork and other energetic healing and spiritually oriented modalities. In addition, I became attuned to Mariel Healing Energy in the mid-90's (similar to Reiki), and have also studied Tong Ren Energy Healing. I continue to expand my knowledge, experience and abilities in this area through continuing education.

I definitely felt markedly better afterwards, and my back has been pain-free since we met. I felt incredibly peaceful and rejuvenated. It was a very powerful experience for me and I greatly appreciate your attention to detail. I believe I will be able to successfully integrate what I learned into my routine in order to help with the stress and anxiety of school. Thank you so much.

-- C.M., Boston, MA

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