Arnie's Perspective on Healing

Whether teaching, coaching, or practicing massage and bodywork, facilitating and educating people in balancing body, mind, soul, and spirit are my passion and calling. My perspective on healing comes from the integration of studying body, mind, and spirit connections with my over 30 years of experience in the field. 

Our body is our vehicle through life and the container of our thoughts, emotions, and experiences. Through my sessions, I guide people to access their bodies and their body/mind connection in new ways designed to release stress and tension and to create relaxation and increased well-being.  I also work with our minds and our thoughts to help us increase awareness and recognize our limiting thought patterns and beliefs.  By doing so, we can change our thoughts and beliefs to ones that support us in our goals and in living healthier lives.

Breathing is the foundation of life, yet something we take for granted every day.  Whether working with guided relaxation, mindfulness, or massage, breathing is a key aspect of healing and of re-aligning our bodies and nervous systems. Each time we inhale, we take in oxygen (literally life force energy), creating more openness and space in our bodies.  Each time we exhale, we let go of stress and tension held in our minds and bodies, allowing our muscles and nervous system to relax more deeply.  The simple practice of breathing is powerful and can be applied to any of my services to enhance the quality, depth, and effectiveness of your sessions and experience. 

I look forward to working with you soon!