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Arnie Katz, owner of Golden Hands Healing Therapies (photo courtesy of
Arnie Katz, owner of Golden Hands Healing Therapies (photo courtesy of

My name is Arnie Katz. I am a licensed massage therapist and bodyworker providing massage therapy, healing touch, energy healing and teaching in the Boston area for over 30 years. My mission is to facilitate people in their relaxation and healing, and to help people to get in touch with the very best inside themselves so that they can then make a positive difference in the world.

I began giving massages in 1984, graduated from the Massage Institute of New England in 1986, the Mariel Energy Healing program in 1991, the Integrated Touch Therapy program in 2003, and also have been mentored in energy healing, conscious breathwork and stress reduction techniques for 30 years. These stress reduction techniques include meditation and mindfulness, sound healing, guided visualization, and changing negative thought patterns into positive thought patterns.

I draw from massage therapy, sports massage, deep tissue, energy healing, yoga, breathwork, and other holistic modalities to design an individualized session to meet your needs. I was born with natural intuition and a strong tactile sense that allows me to hone in on the areas people hold their deeper stress and tension and to then facilitate clients in relaxing and letting go. Iíve also been told that what sets me apart from other massage therapists is that I really LISTEN to my clients and pay attention to their needs. My clients tell me that I am among the best that they have ever seen, and I am grateful for that.

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GOLDEN HANDS sessions are available by appointment at 581 BOYLSTON STREET, SUITE 503 in the Back Bay. Click here for more info.

A video is worth a thousand words!!

This short video clip shows me giving a nice relaxing massage to one of my clients. It includes a mixture of massage and also healing touch for calming, relaxing and integrating mind, body and spirit. This video was taken at Easton Mountain Retreat Center, where I also provide classes and workshops. (Those birds sounds are real birds and not part of the music soundtrack!)

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Arnieís practice could not be more appropriately named - Golden Hands. His confident, sturdy and magical touch does more than just massage the physical body. His whole presence offers healing and love. With only a short initial conversation before a massage, Arnie can completely and easily intuit what your body needs. I have never had a better, more relaxing experience.

-- C. Shannon, Brookline, MA

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Arnie Katz, LMT
Licensed Massage Therapist